Seeing the Hand of Krishna in Everything

Dear Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept our humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

The following is a very nice verse from Srimad Bhagavatam 6.17.28 where Lord Siva instructs Parvati devi,

nārāyaṇa-parāḥ sarve na kutaścana bibhyati
svargāpavarga-narakeṣv api tulyārtha-darśinaḥ

Devotees solely engaged in the devotional service of the Supreme Personality Of Godhead, Narayana, never fear any condition of life. For them the Heavenly planets, liberation and the hellish planets are all the same, for such devotees are interested only in the service of the Lord. 

The following is a very nice story in this regard. It reminds us one of Maharaj's instruction, "See the hand of Krishna in everything".

Once there lived a king who used to worry a lot. One day he disguised himself as a common man and went around his city to see how his people were doing. As he was walking by a street, he heard a cobbler singing happily the glories of Krishna.

Immediately, the king went to the house of the cobbler and saw the cobbler happily singing and eating his meager prasadam, which he had earned with his hard labour. The king became perplexed. He asked him, "How can you be happily singing, even though you are having a meager meal. The cobbler replied, "By the grace of Krishna, I am happy and satisfied with whatever the Lord has given me."

The king didn't believe what he said. He decided to test his surrender to the Lord in all situations.

So, after returning to his palace, the King passed an order saying that all the residents of the city should stop going to any cobbler for repairing or polishing their shoes.

Thus, the cobbler lost his job. So he decided to look for another job to earn his livelihood. So he went to a woodcutter and asked him if he could also help him in his work. The woodcutter readily agreed and gave him the job.

This time the cobbler had a better and nicer prasadam. Happily singing the holy names of the Lord, he honoured his Prasadam. The King again disguised and went to see the devotee. The King asked, "You lost your job but still you are happy and satisfied. How is this possible?". The devotee explained what had happened and said that all was Krishna's arrangement. The king went back to his palace and passed an order, declaring that nobody should cut wood in the kingdom. Instead, they should work as his guards.

When the devotee heard the announcement, he said to himself that he would accept any job.

He was appointed as a guard. As he had been a cobbler and woodcutter before, he used to get his wages daily. But now, he was told that he would get his salary, only after a month.

He prayed to Krishna, and got the idea to trade the cutting portion of the sword which was made of gold for a wooden one. He knew that if anyone sees it, it would lead him to trouble.

One day, as he was walking on the street, a guard told him to cut the head of a boy, even though, the boy had committed only a minor mistake.

The devotee didn't want to kill the boy. He thought of an idea and then he loudly said, "If this boy has not committed any great crime, let the cutting portion of the sword turn into wood".

At that time, the king was also standing over there in disguise. He immediately took off his disguise and told the devotee, how he was pleased with him. Then the king said, "How did you manage these circumstances?". The devotee replied, "I managed these circumstances, because I saw the hand of Krishna in everything."

So this story shows us that, the devotees are totally surrendered to Krishna, and they are solely engaged in the service of Krishna. They are not afraid of any condition of life, this is because they are always doing devotional service to Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Your humble servants, 
Prashanth Sriram & Karthik.S
Abu Dhabi.

Moderator's Note: For those who are new to this group, Prashanth and Karthik are young boys, just 10 years old, going to school in the middle-east. Due to a high standard of training by their parents and a great inspiration from Maharaj and other visiting devotees, they have taken up devotional service very seriously. They have a good understanding of Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita and even take classes for the regular Mangala arati and Satsangs. They are also very intelligent and are top rankers in their schools.