Krishna is Everything

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

In the 9th chapter of Bhagavad Gita entitled, "The Most Confidential Knowledge" in the verses 16 to 19 Krishna tells 36 ways by which we can see Him in everything. They are:

1) ahaṁ kratur - I am the Vedic ritual
2) ahaṁ yajñaḥ - I am the sacrifice
3) svadha aham - I am the offering to the ancestors
4) aham auṣadham - I am the healing herb
5) mantro aham - I am the transcendental chant
6) aham evājyam - I am the butter
7) aham agniḥ - I am the fire
8) ahaṁ hutam - I am the offering
9) pitāham asya jagataḥ - I am the father of this universe
10) mātā - I am the mother
11) dhātā - I am the supporter
12) pitāmahaḥ - I am the grandfather
13) vedyaṁ - I am the object of knowledge
14) pavitram - I am the purifier
15) oṁ-kāra - I am the syllable om
16) ṛk - I am the Rrg Veda
17) sāma - I am the Saama Veda
18) yajur - I am the Yajur Veda
19) gatiḥ - I am the goal
20) bhartā - I am the sustainer
21) prabhuḥ - I am the master
22) sākṣī - I am the witness
23) nivāsaḥ - I am the abode
24) śaraṇaṁ - I am the refuge
25) suhṛt - I am the most intimate friend
26) prabhavaḥ - I am the creation
27) pralayaḥ - I am the dissolution
28) sthānaṁ - I am the basis of everything
29) nidhānaṁ - I am the resting place
30) bījam avyayam - I am the eternal seed
31) tapaamy aham - I give heat
32) ahaṁ varṣaṁ - I give rain
33) amṛtaṁ - I am immortality
34) mṛtyuś - I am death personified
35) sat - I am the spirit
36) asat ca aham - and I am the matter

Thus, understanding that Krishna is everything makes us remember Him always 
and improves our Devotional service.

Hare Krishna.

Your humble servant,
Prashanth Sriram
Abu Dhabi.

Moderator's Note: Prashanth is a 10 year old devotee from the Middle-east. I am personally inspired by this enthusiastic spirit among these young kids to take the study of the eternal scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam so seriously. It is definitely their pious activities in their previous lives, that is causing the Lord to shower His mercy upon them and in that process also encourage others to take up the study of scriptures seriously.