Sri Rama Navami Celebration in Rajkot

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obesiances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

I just finished reading all the beautiful mails from Granthraj, so lovely, the mails on Shri Ram Navami by HG Harikumar Prabhu and Kalacakra Prabhu were excellent. I really enjoyed that nectar and was so happy, it immediately reminded of Ram Navami celebration that I had in the divine association of HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj at Rajkot, and thought of sharing it with you what I can recollect.

On Ram Navami day Maharaj came to the temple as usual during Mangal-Arati time and glorified Lord Ram. He told that Lord Ram is so simple just like His name. When you say "Ram", you also become simple and happy. He is unlike Krishna, who is tricky just like His name, difficult to pronounce and more difficult to catch also (Maharaj laughed at this deep meaning words). He continued, "If you people cannot follow Lord Ram then it will be impossible to understand Lord Krishna. Both of them are "Purusottamā" - one is "Maryāda Purusottamā" and the other is "Lila Purusottamā". There is no difference between the two. Only Their lilas are different for different purposes. Then Maharaj made us recite a prayer from Ramayan.

nānyā spṛhā raghupate hṛdaye'smadīye
satyaṁ vadāmi ca bhavān-akhilāntarātmā
bhaktiṁ prayaccha raghupuṁgava nirbharāṁ me
kāmādi-doṣa-rahitaṁ kuru mānasaṁ ca

O Lord! You are the innermost self of all. I tell You the truth! I do not cherish any worldly desire in my heart. Please grant me intense devotion unto You. Also please free my mind from passion and other impurities.

He made everyone present there to recite this verse. At around 10'0 clock I asked Maharaj,"What about Abhishekam?", He replied,"Yes that we will have to do definitely." Some suggested that since we don't have Lord Ram's deity we will do abhishek with Saligram murti, but I noticed that Maharaj was not too convinced (so do I) with that idea. I had a great inner urge to get deities of Lord Ram along with His confidants (Sita mata, Laxmanji and Hanumanji). Maharaj told, "No, we will try to arrange either from someone or will purchase from the market deity of Shri Ram Parivar". He also told, "Today at any cost we shall have the abishek." (I was more than overjoyed at Maharaj's firm determination). At first they tried asking devotees if someone had deities of Lord Ram but no one had. So Maharaj asked HG Lokpati Prabhu and HG Krishna Nayan das Prabhu to immediately go to the market, and Maharaj himself sat in the office waiting for their arrival. It was getting late and at around 12 o' clock phone bell rang and Lokpati Prabhu told that they have just found a complete set (new) and they are getting it to show to Maharaj if he liked it. When they arrived at around 12.15 pm, Maharaj was so happy to see Lord Ram with His confidants and asked Lokpati Prabhu to start the preparation for abishekam. Though the program was not planned, even then around 75 to 100 devotees turned up unexpectedly. There was great mood of happiness among all present there and Maharaj was so happy (he was there continuously from 4.30 am without taking any rest). Amidst chanting of Sri Brahma samhita Lord Ram's abishekam began. Maharaj did the abishekam and then asked all the gathered devotees to line up and do the abishekam. He again shared lord Ram's wonderful character and sang lovely bhajan. The whole crowd was jubilant. Every one took prasadam and went back to their respective places. In the evening again around 150 to 200 devotees gathered (those who had missed the afternoon abhishekam) without invitation (what a mercy of Lord Ram...! People came on their own in search of Lord Ram's overflowing mercy) and there was enchanting kirtans and bhajans followed by a wonderful pravachan by HH Mahavishnu Maharaj. The program came to an end with lovely prasadam at around 10.30 p.m. Maharaj was so happy that day, it could be seen in his eyes the satisfaction he got by celebrating the auspicious occasion of the appearance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Ram.

Sri Ramachandra Bhagavan ki Jai! Sri Sri Ram Navami Mahotsav ki Jai!
Srila Prabhupada ki Jai! HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj ki Jai!

Thank you so much.
Your humble servant,
Vajranga dasanu das