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'Lord Krishna's conch' in Puri temple By Bibhuti Mishra in Bhubaneswar

On the eve of the world-famous Rath Yatra at Puri, an astounding theory has come to light, thanks to a report published by Jai Jagannath Prachar Samiti

Lord Krishna's famous 'Panchajanya' conch, which he had used at the Mahabharat war, is believed to be at the Jagannath temple in Puri, The conch, like Krishna's conch, gives out rhythmic utterances of holy hymns when held close to the ears!

A sadhu who had come to Puri from Rameswar in 1983 had given this mysterious conch to a young boy of the temple treasurer's family and later, it was kept in the treasury. It's existence was known only to a few servitors of Lord 

Last month, a scientist from Kurukshetra University tried to find the cause of the rare phenomenon of holy hymns sounding from the conch. It was suspected that a micro chip could be inside.

But even after peeling off the sandalwood paste, nothing was found inside and the sounds of the hymns continued.

The conch has another unique feature: It faces the right, unlike common conch shells that face left.

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