vasudeva arpanam - liberation of grhasthas

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In SB Seventh Canto, Yudhisthir Maharaja asks Narada Muni "Please tell me how a grhastha who is completely ignorant about the ultimate goal of life can easily achieve liberation".

Narada Muni advised him "Grhesu avasthito rajan, kriyah kurvan yathocitah -this means a grhastha must perform the duties that have been prescribed according to his varanasramm dharma" 

Yudhishtir Maharaja got very excited upon hearing it and said "Oh! so easy, I am expertly following my prescribed duties and, therefore, my liberation is sure"

But Narada Muni interrupted Yudhister Maharaja and said "Just by following prescribed duties you cannot get liberation because these activities would bring either good and bad reactions for which you will have
to take more births."

Yudhishtir Maharaja got worried and asked, " Please tell me what should I do to get free from the chain of actions and reactions?"

Narada Muni replied "vasudeva arpanam sakshad - this means you must offer all the fruits of all your activities to Krsna if you want to be free from the chain of actions and reactions, and finally get liberation" 

Yudhister Maharaja asked Narada Muni very curiously "But how can I offer all the fruits of all my activities to Krsna"

Narada Muni said to him " upasita maha munin -the art of offering the fruits of all your activities to Krsna can be learned by serving Krishna's great devotees."

So, the easiest mean for a grhastha to achieve liberation is 'vasudeva arpanam' which will lead to full surrender unto Krishna -mam ekam saranam - and bring peace of mind.

How does vasudeva arpanam lead to 'mam ekam saranam'? To illustrate, if a son gives all his earnings to his father and does not keep anything with him, then he becomes fully dependent on his father. And, whenever he needs any money he will have to approach his father who will be very happy to meet the needs of such a surrendered son. 

Similarly, if we develop the habit of offering all the fruits of all our activities to only Krishna and do not keep anything with us, we become fully dependent on only Krishna for meeting our requirements, and Krishna does it very happily as he has promised - yogakshemam vahamyaham. 

To apply in our practical life, as far as offering of our salaries is concerned, we should stop taking out a portion of our salary and offer it to Krishna, rather we should offer full salary to Krishna and then take from Krishna what we need.

There some more notes on 'vasudeva arpanam' but once our Guru Maharaja advised me to keep individual emails short, so, Krishna willing,more notes on the following related topics will be in next few emails:

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