Narada Muni - Father of Devotional Service - Part 22

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev!

This is in continuation of the previous offering titled, "Narada Muni - The Father of Devotional Service". Srimad Bhagavatam 6th Canto, 5th chapter gives an account of instructions of Srila Narada Muni  to sons of Prajapati Daksha.

Instructions to Haryashvas: Once Prajapati Daksha ordered his 10,000 sons, Haryasvas, to create population. They went to the place near Sindu river, a holy place resided by several saintly persons. Haryasvas performed severe austerities, penances and meditations to fulfill the order of their father. Narada Muni was very much impressed by the determination with which the Haryashvas were performing austerities. Since austerities performed to reach the ultimate goal of life, that is to serve the Lord is more meaningful than to performing austerities to increase progeny, Narada Muni wanted to release them from these tendencies. The word "Narada" itself means one who gives "Narayana" to others. So Narada Muni advises about futility of material life to Haryasvas in Srimad Bhagavatam verse 6.5.6 to 6.5.8.

uvāca cātha haryaśvāḥ kathaṁ srakṣyatha vai prajāḥ
adṛṣṭvāntaṁ bhuvo yūyaṁ bāliśā bata pālakāḥ

tathaika-puruṣaṁ rāṣṭraṁ bilaṁ cādṛṣṭa-nirgamam
bahu-rūpāṁ striyaṁ cāpi pumāṁsaṁ puṁścalī-patim

nadīm ubhayato vāhāṁ pañca-pañcādbhutaṁ gṛham
kvacid dhaṁsaṁ citra-kathaṁ kṣaura-pavyaṁ svayaṁ bhrami

The great sage Nārada said: My dear Haryaśvas, you have not seen the extremities of the earth. There is a kingdom where only one man lives and where there is a hole from which, having entered, no one emerges. A woman there who is extremely unchaste adorns herself with various attractive dresses, and the man who lives there is her husband. In that kingdom, there is a river flowing in both directions, a wonderful home made of twenty-five materials, a swan that vibrates various sounds, and an automatically revolving object made of sharp razors and thunderbolts. You have not seen all this, and therefore you are inexperienced boys without advanced knowledge. How, then, will you create progeny?

Due to the mercy of Narada Muni, Srimad Bhagavatam says that the great sons of Daksha seriously considered Narada Muni's instruction with natural intelligence without the help of others. Haryashvas learnt the following lessons from the above instruction of Narada Muni.

1) The material body, is a result of our actions. It gives us false designations.
2) The only enjoyer is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna, who observes everything, everywhere.
3) One who goes to Vaikuntha never returns back to this miserable material world.
4) When mixed with mode of passion and unsteady intelligence, we behave like prostitutes and engage in temporary fruitive activities.
5) Just like how husband of prostitute loses independence, if our intelligence is polluted our materialistic life is prolonged.
6) The river flowing in both directions refers to the material nature which involves creation and dissolution and by engaging in fruitive activities, we are tossed in the river of maya.
7) The Supreme Lord is the reservoir of all twenty-five elements and is the cause of all causes.
8) One must take shelter of swan, hamsas - who are able to discriminate between matter and spirit, and know the essence of everything. These hamsas are the shastras which explain the means of bondage and liberation.
9)  Time is compared herein to a sharp razor. Srila Prabhupada says in his purport to verse 6.5.19, "A razor is meant to shave the hair from one's face, but if not carefully handled, the razor will cause disaster. One is advised not to create a disaster by misusing his lifetime. One should be extremely careful to utilize the span of his life for spiritual realization, or Krishna consciousness".
10) So instead of getting entangled in temporary fruitive activities, knowing the greatness of Supreme Lord, Haryashvas decided to make best use of their valuable life time, by accepting the instructions of shastras and instructions of Sri Narada Muni. 

Krishna willing, we will learn more about the Narada Muni in the next offering.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Manohar Suvarna
Abu Dhabi.