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SB 2.3.17

Taste the Sugar Candy of Krishna-katha



Teaches you that tasyarte yat-kṣaṇo nīta, tasyarte, there is instruction...(0.12) , if you don’t want to decrease your life then there is one way, kṣaṇaḥ nītah uttam sloka vaartayaa, uttam sloka means Supreme Absolute Truth Krsna. If you discuss the topics of Supreme Absolute Truth Krsna then your life doesn’t decrease. And it is very correct. We, we have so many foreign devotees in our temples, so many local devotees. They are very happy. We get up at 4 O’clock in the morning. From 4 O’clock, the glorification of lord, descriptions and topics of the lord, continues upto 9 O’clock at night. And even then, we are not tired. And our devotees are shining like the sun. You can not look at the devotees without the sunglasses. Such a shiny, shiny they are. Why, why they are not taking any medicine. They don’t have any medicine to look good. Their medicine is only one medicine. And that is the supreme medicine. There is no medicine beyond that medicine and that is the topics of supreme absolute truth. Day and nights, they are discussing the topics regarding Krsna, regarding Ram and if you do that I guarantee you that you will be happy in your life on this planet. And once you are well situated on this planet, then we will see… the spiritual….(1.50 ). First thing that you have to be happy here. And there is no way you can be happy without coming to spiritual life. Spiritual life is the only solution in the present misdirected civilization. This civilization is completely misdirected. Day before yesterday, we were in India, in Delhi. And we were driving along the highway. There was a big advertisement there. Big advertisement ! and the advertisement said, “ If you want to be happy, if you are worried, if you have any mental anguish, then drink gold.” Gold, you know ! The advertisers know that we love gold. We like to  (2.40 )…… gold. They know that, so they used that word. If you are in mental anguish, if you are worried and if you want to be happy, then drink gold. And gold is peg of beer we are putting in our mouth and thinking that I am drinking gold. This is misdirection. They don’t tell you to drink beer because they know that no living entity likes that dirty water. This water, who will drink! In our house, there are two taps. One tap gives you fresh water and another ditch water. Would you go to ditch water tap to drink ? We won’t go. We will go to the fresh water. Only lunatic person will go to ditch water. So if they tell you to drink whisky or bear, you would not like it, so they are talking in their own languages that “drink gold”. You are drinking that urine, even then you are thinking, O I am drinking gold. This is the misdirected civilization. They will tell you to smoke, they will tell you to drink, they will tell you to go for illicit sex and they will tell you to gamble. Then life completely becomes full of sins, full of bad activities. Once you follow the bad activities, then your life is destroyed. In India, we now have so many inebirities. But even now the life is so pure. You go to any city. You go to any village. You go to any town, it is not very easy to get the sex life, as we have in western world or this or that we don’t know. But it is very difficult in India. If you try, you will be beaten. In west, it is very easy. Because these sins are increasing with riches. As the money increase, these sinful activities also increase. Unless you save from these activities and you can only save by coming to Krsna. Unless you come to Krsna, your life will not be pure. And unless your life is pure, you will not come to Krsna at all. You will never have an idea to come to the temple. It is very easy to degrade yourself. You can degrade yourself and you end up in a mental hospital. I have seen here and England also. We were going from London, there are so many people with all the riches, with all the nice currencies. Pound is a very nice currency in England. They are very rich compared to the other countries and even then they are lunatic. They end up in mental hospital. Why? Because they are missing the knowledge of Supreme Absolute Truth. This is the answer. And we don’t come to spiritual side. We are attracted to material allurement. That is the reason. We are degrading our own human existence. Instead we should understand what the material life is. We should understand what spiritual life is and try to abide by instruction of our own scriptures. If you can do that your life will be perfect. I will give you the definition of the material life. We know the material life. On one hand we have material life; on the other hand we have the spiritual life. But we don’t understand what the material life is. We don’t understand what the spiritual life is. Our scriptures give you very clear idea defining the material life. And it gives you very clear idea to define spiritual life. You know our language, isn’t it? You know Hindi. All of you know Hindi. You know Malayalam. Yu don’t know. So you know only English. Tamil…There must be vowels and consonants in language like “ka,kha,ga,gha,da” . The material life in scriptures is known as pa-varga. And spiritual life is known as ‘apa-varga”. Very easy to understand. If you hear carefully today, you will not forget this for the whole life time. And this life, but hundred lives to come., you will not forget it. Its very nice knowledge. We will see first the material life. It is known as pa-varga. And we have so many consonants here. Ka,kha,ga,gha,da ; cha,chha,ja,jha,ein ;ta,tha,da,dha,na ;ta,tha,da,dha,na and pa,pha,ba,bha,ma. This pa,pha,ba,bha,ma is pa-varga. We have ka-varga,cha-varga, ta-varga, ta-varga. But we are talking about pa-varga, pa-class. There are five consonants. Pa,pha,ba,bha,ma- these are five consonants. And these five consonants give you five characteristics of the material life. It is very easy to remember.

Pa- stands for parishrama. Parishrama means hard labour. When you accept the body, you have to struggle hard just to survive. You marry, you have family and it is all struggle just to earn our own bread and may be butter sometimes. It is a hard struggle and that is the characteristic of our material life. Parishram, we have to work very hard. Not only that, but you have to survive in you r own body and just to be in your own body is a hard struggle. Somebody will say, I have plenty of food, I don’t have to struggle.. No ! He has to struggle because he has to survive in his own body. This body is not ours. It can not mix with our soul. Soul and body are completely different and even then, you have to stay in this body. And it is completely foreign element to the soul. It is very difficult for the soul to be in this body. And to be in this body alive, we have to struggle day and night. If you close your ears like this, you hear the factory inside what is going on. It is highly complicated machinery, we are all carrying. And this is a great struggle. This is also known as parishram.

Then the second characteristic, we go from pa to pha- pha means foam. Because of this hard struggle, the foam comes out of our lips. You know in India, formerly there were horse carriages. They are running very fast and because of running fast, the foam will come out of their mouth. So the same thing happens. We have to struggle so very hard that day and night we are just disgusted thoroughly, we are completely out of our own existence. Many times, because of the hard labour and foam coming out of our mouth, we feel like committing suicide. We don’t want to be in this body. Because it is hard struggle, day and night, it is hard struggle. In order to avoid this struggle, we have to find out some way. Anyway we will see afterwards. So this is the second characteristic. First ‘pa’ stands for parishram, pha stands for foam coming out of the mouth.

Then we go to third consonant and that is pa-pha-ba. Ba- whatever struggle you do in your material life, it binds you- bandhan. It entangles you. You take a job somewhere in some shop or somewhere. Then you have to go there 8 O’clock in the morning. You have to be there till 5 O’ clock in the evening. You have to do whatever your boss tells you to do. Its all bandhan You do certain activity and you get bound by it. You can not avoid this entanglement. And by doing the work, you entangle yourself day and night, more and more. And because of this entanglement, again, again and again, we have to accept the different bodies. And this is the characteristic of the material life.

Pa,pha,ba, then bha. Bha-means bhaya. Bhaya is fear. Because we are not in our natural situation, in our body, we are always afraid. We are afraid that I may lose my job. We are afraid that Singapore government will kick me out. We are afraid that I may lose my business. We are afraid that I may be sick. We are afraid that sometime, I may die. And death definitely comes. We can not avoid death. Could you? Is there anybody who can escape death here ? Nobody ! We have to go, we don’t want to die. Nobody likes to die. But we have to go and because of that we are always afraid in this material life.

Then the last thing. Somebody may get up and tell us that I don’t mind parishram. I don’t mind hard labour. I don’t mind foam. I don’t mind entanglement. I don’t mind fear also. I am not afraid.Even then, you can not continue like this till the end of this life. The last syllable is “ma” and “ma” stands for mrtyu. God just puts a curtain on your life. He says, “ He, you living entity ! I sent you to this material world to glorify me. You didn’t do it . Now you come back. And he take you, mrtyu. Mrtyu cuts you off. You may have very nice situation. You have a nice bungalow, nice house, nice family , nice money , nice country like Singapore. “ Hey ! Its beautiful man ! Singapore! I don’t know how beautiful, it is here. But we miss, we miss the Supreme Absolute Truth and we miss the Supreme Absolute Truth, we daily face death. Without, without Krsna, we are dying daily, not once. And one day comes, we have to leave this body and go away. And if you leave this body in a material consciousness, then you have to accept another body again and again. And it is eight million four hundred thousand. And again then you accept the material body. You have to be born, you have to die, you have to get old and you have to get diseased. To escape from this, the sane person tries. The intelligent person thinks, “ This is a problem in front of me. I must get out of this vicious circle of birth and death. And in order to get out of these miseries, then he or she tries to come to Krsna and take up this spiritual life. And htat is why the life in which there is no parishram, there is no foam, there is no bandhan, there is no entanglement, there is no bhaya, there is no fear and there is no mrtyu. We don’t have to face death. We skip the death because we know after we leave this body, we are going to go to Krsna. And so we are not afraid. The fear goes away from our life. All the anguish goes away from our life. That is why the spiritual life is known as a-pa-varga. All sane persons should try to take up the spiritual life and that is a-pa-varga life. Don’t fall prey to pa-varga. If you are only following the material dictates, then you are destroying yourself. If you are following the spiritual dictates, then you are saving yourself. Please for Krsna’s sake, on behalf of all devotees, I request you to come to the temple very often. Try to read Srimad Bhagavat GIta and hear Srimad Bhagavatam and your life will be sublime. We will also help you to come to right conclusion. We also have a temple, Iskcon centre in this town. So please come there sometimes, have prasadam with us, nice discourses and make your life sublime. Hare Krsna.


Have you anything to ask? Then I  will ask you.

That with all these discussions, I don’t like to come to Krsna. We understand these things that we have to die etc. But I want to go back to my family. I want to be in illusion. I want to be happy there. I think that my family …(17.10 )

We try to explain. Since last thousands of years our Guru, our saints and sages, our mahatmas, our scriptures, they are all explaining that please come to God. Without God, the life is hell. And even then we don’t agree. Even then we don’t agree at all. And why we don’t agree. I will tell you the answer. Its very nice verse in Vedas you know. Very nice verse used as an answer to this question. He says.

syāt kṛṣṇa-nāma-caritādi-sitāpy avidyā-

pittopatapta-rasanasya na rocikā nu

kintv ādarād anudina khalu saiva juṣṭā

svādvī kramād bhavati tad-gada-mūla-hantrī

Very nice verse ! Try to read the translation. syāt kṛṣṇa-nāma-caritādi-sitāpy avidyā – syāt means “there I”,  carita-Krsna naam – the name of Krsna, carita – topics of Krsna. There are the names of the Lord; there are different topics of the Lord. And they are all like sitā –the sugar candy. You know sugar candy. You taste from any side and it will taste you sweet. But pittopatapta-rasanasya na rocikā nu- rasana – means our tongue. We are afflicted by pittopatapta- by the agitation of the bile and that is known as jaundice. We are suffering form jaundice. And the person who suffers from jaundice, he doesn’t taste sugar candy sweet, it tastes him bitter. Sugar candy is sweet but because we are suffering from jaundice, it tastes us bitter. What to do then ?But if you continue into ādarād- with respect , anudinaṁ- regularly anudina khalu saiva juṣṭā- if you practise spiritual pleasure, spiritual program, day in and day out regularly. Then slowly your jaundice will decrease. When you jaundice will decrease, the taste will become sweet slowly.So if you continue eating sugar candy, your jaundice will decrease. And as your jaundice decrease, to that extent, you will feel the sweet taste. Now what is the jaundice?  We are suffering form material misdirection. We are in great illusion. We are completely sleeping while opening our eyes. The things which are not really proper, we are following those things. We don’t know that we may be with family, but family can not help you with the death. Death is bound to come. And If death is coming, they will see that you are dying. But even then nobody can save you. You are just panga parsh …gatha (20.40). You are already gone to the, entered into the Kaal eternal Kaal. And because of that nobody can help you. Your family can not help you. Draupadi had to die once. And she had to die alone. Husbands can’t do anything. Childeren can’t do anything. Brothers can’t do anything. We have to go on our own. And this is the greatest illusion we are trying to work like a donkey and waste the whole life. This is what is happening. But instead of this illusion, if you continue to hear the topics of Krsna, then slowly you will develop the taste. And once you develop the taste then …those boys ( 21.28),these are our … boys. Don’t you think that these boys can work like you and earn money. Why have they left? You don’t know what we rely on has no value at all. It may continue for 50-60 years. But they know that spiritual values are more important than material values. Material values degrade yourself, spiritual values uplift yourself. The same… ( 22.00 ) I will tell you one thing. In our life, we have this body, so we have to be very careful. We have to earn money. We have to run families. We have to survive. Moreover that we have to be materially expert doing our own duties. But at the same time, we have to be awake to the spiritual values, while doing our material activities. You can very well follow this spiritual life. Get up early in the morning. Try to have mangala aarati. Try to perform some pooja.Try to read some scriptures and then go and start your work. As soon as you come back from your work, take shower again. And again continue the spiritual program. This is the life. The other one is a death. So it is upto you whether to take up the life or whether to die. Is there some question?  So we have to close here. Hare Krsna ! Jai !