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SB 4.3.21

Envious cannot Tolerate to see others Happy


Transcription of Tape 37 A – Vaijyantimala devi dasi

Devotee : ( Speaks but not very clear ) 

Maharaj : Yes.. yes.. they can’t tolerate the living entity to be happy. Because these people who have left everything, may be in their later age, they are much happier than the people who are getting rotten in the houses. Old age is not meant for the houses for the male body. Females are supposed to stay with the children. But we people should leave as soon as it is the age of 50..60.. we should not stick to it. If you do it, then you become miserable and if you don’t do it , if you relieve yourself, then you become happy. So they can’t tolerate our happiness. they say  that he has left the track . For them the track is to follow the obnoxious things and for us we have realized that this is not the track , but track is this side and so we change our track and as soon as we change our track, they think that  oh! You are out of the way.. you are  too much attracted to it. There is one nice verse in fourth canto third chapter. You know the verse number.. 

Chapter is …… no… Daksha..

Sacrifices performed by Daksha. Shiva was disrespected then and this verse talks between Lord Shiva and sati and in that there is this verse. Very nice verse. You know. You read. It is a beautiful verse. Why people are envious you know. 

(devotee reads the verse ):  ( 4.3.21)

paapacyamaanena hrdaaturendriyah

samrddhibhih purusha-buddhi-saakshinaam

akalpa eshaam adhirodhum anjasaa

param padam dveshti yathaasuraa harim


Maharaj : you read the equivalents 

Devotee: pāpacyamānena — burning; hṛdā — with a heart;

Maharaj : Within heart they are burning you know

Devotee :  ātura-indriyaḥ — who is distressed; samṛddhibhiḥ — by the pious reputation, etc; Maharaj : that’s right  pūruṣa-buddhi-sākṣiṇām — of those who are always absorbed in thought of the Supreme Lord;  

Maharaj : that word is  beautiful purusha buddhi saakshinaam  those who are engrossed in the thought of the supreme lord. That’s right. 

Devotee : akalpaḥ — being unable; eṣām — of those persons; adhiroḍhum — to rise; añjasā — quickly; param — merely; padam — to the standard; dveṣṭi — envy; yathā — as much as; asurāḥ — the demons; harim — the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  

Maharaj : Now read the translation. 

Devotee: Translation by Srila Prabhupada

Maharaj : Jai! Srila Prabhupada ki Jai! 

Devotee : One who is conducted by false ego and thus always distressed, both mentally and sensually, cannot tolerate the opulence of self-realized persons. Being unable to rise to the standard of self-realization, he envies such persons as much as demons envy the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Maharaj : See Again. Repeat it again. It is very correct why people envy us. 

Devotee: ( repeats the translation ) One who is conducted by false ego and thus always distressed, both mentally and sensually, cannot tolerate the opulence of self-realized persons. Being unable to rise to the standard of self-realization, he envies such persons as much as demons envy the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Maharaj: the fact is they don’t try to come to our standards you know and because they can’t do it, they start envying. That is the reason and it is such a powerful envy as the demons envy the supreme Lord. Because they cannot come to our standard, and our standard is very easy to reach. It is just  simply  if they start chanting, they can come to our standard. 

Devotee: they don’t know that they can come  very easily. 

Maharaj:   no.. and they don’t believe. If at all we tell them that just start chanting and you will be as happy as we are, they will not believe. It is so very easy to be happy? They don’t . there was one ( not clear) working in the petrol station in London. I always go to the same petrol station to fill. So he became my friend and we were talking about Bhagavatam and this.. he said show me the way how you are so blissful. So I showed him one verse from Srimad Bhagavatam and that verse describes that instead of getting into all these laborious business of sitting silent and then erect your head and then remember the lord  or remember something in your mind and you meditate and then you improve your life and you look like this and sit like this and in the last line Vyasa bhagavan has said instead of doing all these things it is better you start remembering the lord through repeating His names and that is enough. That will equal all those things laborious things. So I showed him that verse. That there is no need of these things but the only thing needed is sincerely chanting the names. He said No it cannot be that  easy he said. It is better that we follow the three lines. He wanted to follow all that laborious process and not the easy one. Then I told him that it is like this. That you go to the skyscraper and there are two ways to go up. One is by staircases and another one is the lift. So you are denying the lift and trying to go through the staircases. You may go but the time you reach up there you may be half dead or you may not reach. There may be all allurements on the way that you will get stuck up and this is the difference between this process. No.. whatever Bhagavatam says I want to follow the laborious process. I told it is up to you. So the living entities they are not ready to take up the process. Very few living entities and out of that also materially exhausted, those who are completely frustrated from all the sides, they cannot make money, they cannot get job, they cannot get any food to eat, they don’t have any place to stay they may come to this side. Once they come, they may improve. Otherwise like jnaanabalam. He is always suffering. But sometimes he comes. Sometime he thinks that this is very good. Then again for a month he will disappear. Then again sometimes… then again goes smokes.. again do this because these living entities don’t want very few lucky living entities who are prosperous and they are here or who are troubled by the material life and they are here but otherwise majority of the people are completely ( not clear)     this is what is described by Ssrila Prabhupada as potato shop and diamond shop. Potato shop is bound to be crowded always but diamond shop can never be crowded because Very few persons have money to buy. 

Devotee :  some of them when we talk to them about Krishna consciousness they have a fixed notion that if we are in trouble we go and pray to Krishna and they think that we are in trouble so we are praying. Yes that is one of the ways to come. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has come to Krishna consciousness because they were in trouble. There are so many .. they cannot accept. They say they are all you know in misery. We are all living in misery and just to alleviate our miseries…

Maharaj: one thing I will tell you. Your mother in law has gone to Hrishikesh. Now Instead of that she might have got rotten in Malaysia in that house. There will be nobody to take care of her and she will not have enjoyed at all her old age. Instead now she is in some ashram or somewhere. At least the ashram should be bigger, at least she would have the  association. She is the wisest lady.     Being a lady she dared to go to Hrishikesh and we being male persons we are afraid to leave the four walls of the house.  Because as soon as we leave the house (not clear )

we went to Kualalampur. We don’t know how you slept and how you bathed and It was all trouble. Instead in your house You are quite comfortable. There is no line in the bathroom. There is no this that  you are quite comfortable with your business, with your money everything. So who will leave this life and go to the completely troubled life? But that troubled life is far more superior than your comfortable life. That we don’t understand. And We always compare that I went there and I had to sleep in a sleeping bag and  There was no place to sleep. Mosquitoes were there.

There were no medicines. I was having headache and there was no prasadam. Then you stick to your prasadam and medicine and what not and again you get miserable. This we don’t understand. And the general people they don’t understand. They say what is there life? They are just going there. They don’t have place to stay. 

Nobody to talk. Here we have a nice family. Our children are there. In this way they are completely engrossed in this avidya atmosphere. And because they are engrossed in avidya atmosphere they never taste that freedom. We are helpless. We can only describe what it is. After that it is up to them whether to take or not. 

Devotee: Maharaj I will ask some other question. Actually in the last two days I have asked different aspects of this question. I was wanting to record it also. So I I thought I will ask explained to us about anudinam which says about daily. 

Maharaj : yes day in and day out 

 Devotee; Anudinam word where it comes from?  

Maharaj : Anudinam is from that verse 

Devotee : which verse

Maharaj : that Rupa Goswmi’s nectar of instruction that we are suffering from jaundice. What is it ? 

syāt kṛṣṇa-nāma-caritādi-sitāpy avidyā-
pittopatapta-rasanasya na rocikā nu
kintv ādarād anudinaṁ khalu saiva juṣṭā
svādvī kramād bhavati tad-gada-mūla-hantrī

Means he says that syāt kṛṣṇa-nāma-caritādi-sitāpy avidyā-
the first line. Syaat means there is. Krishna naama the name of Krishna. Carita means topics of Krishna. Sita means like sugar candy. They are all like sugar candy but because we are having avidya ignorance we are like pittopatapta rasanasya rocikaanu. Pittopatapta means suffering from jaundice. And the person who Is suffering from jaundice they don’t taste sugar candy normally sweet. They taste it bitter. It is not that the sugar candy is wrong or it is not sweet. . But they are suffering and because they are suffering, they can’t taste correctly the sugar candy but even in that condition if they try to continue it every day to eat sugarcane, then eventually their jaundice will decrease their avidya will decrease and slowly  svaadvi kramaat bhavati  means slowly they  regain the taste . kramaat means gradually and then they will taste sugar candy correctly as a sweet. So that is what we have to do. That we are suffering from avidya. Ignorance of the facts that we are temporary here and this is not our permanent home. We ignore this fact and that is why we are in avidya and because we have avidya we are not at all interested in the name of the lord or the topics of the lord. The name of the lord and topics of the lord are very sweet but they taste us bitter because we are in avidya and the best way is to do  how to increase our taste for Krishna nama carita that is kintu but adaaraat with respect anudinam means day after day regularly, kintvaadarat anudinam khalu sarvatah justam we practise these things  anudinam every day. And that’s why every day we chant, every day, we have mangala aarathi every day,  we have puja every day we read. It is needed. As soon as you stop reading, as soon as you stop chanting, as soon as we stop performing some activities, you lose the taste and if you continue then you increase the taste. And gradually  time comes when you are so very really attracted to Krishna nama carita that all other things become secondary and this becomes the first thing. This is how we decrease our jaundice and we increase our taste. 

Devotee: Maharaj the word how wonderful it is because I just realized something as you explained that when we do it a small sort of taste comes even though the first endeavor is so difficult and if you stop after that  you realize you are missing the taste  and it is very easy to go back to that taste to continue. Maharaj anything connected with this issue I have been asking. This morning I started asking a question but you cut me off because you knew. ( not clear ) supposing a person has decided to do managla aarathi  say at 6 o clock  and if on a certain day he wakes up half an hour late how should he, I was asking maharaj how should he.. you just stopped me there and said there is no such thing.. it must be fixed whether it is 7 0 ‘clock  8 o’ clock 6 o’ clock it must be fixed what  you said..oh yes and you said something like when you do get up late then you fast the whole day. 

Maharaj : ya. I told you. That is very correct. If you miss means you fast and that is the best punishment because then you will remember to carry it on again. If you don’t fast then you will stop those activities unknowingly. 

Devotee: so there can be no other activities more important than our commitment to the lord. 

Maharaj: no and Fast is the best punishment to us because we like to eat. Ya. We like to eat. As soon as we miss this it is like a sutak you know… sutak word. That when person dies, for 12 days we don’t touch anywhere and we are very painful. These 12 days are known as we should really be sutak if we don’t perform these activities. 

Otherwise Prabhupada was not mad to introduce these things to be performed regularly. In temples Prabhupada’s temples the highest type of worship is going on. Sundara gopal prabhu is surviving because of his sincerity. Because of sincerity I service he is surviving and because of sincerity of service anybody will survive. Even that Valsad man is surviving. He is sincere. If we are sincere we can also survive. Sincerity is needed. Sincerity to the purpose in material life also you are successful. . If you are sincere in your business, you will prosper because everybody is not that sincere or hard working. You are sincere and hardworking you go ahead. So what to talk of the spiritual activities in which we don’t see any concrete results. We cannot but we are going leap and bound.  As soon as you start spiritual activities, the progress never stops. But sometimes we feel, sometimes we don’t feel. What happens in the beginning, our life    was completely dirty. We were eating meat, we were intoxicating, and doing so many things. As soon as we came in contact with Prabhupada, we stopped everything and our life became very clean You know. So that progress was visible and then if you continue, then after some time you feel that “are you progressing or not?” But this is like this. I always give the example. And a very befitting example.

That suppose you are flying. We may go from here to India or somewhere. Then the plane, we sit in the plane and the plane moves in the tarmac, you know or the runway. And you see so many buildings running away and trees running away and everything. So you know that you are going very fast, but as soon as the plane takes off, these things vanish. Then we don’t see anything. We are in the clouds or above the clouds and then we wonder “are we going?” And to our surprise, after four hours or six hours or whatever it may be we come to the destination. Because unless we went, how can we come to the destination? We are going, but we don’t feel that we are going. The same thing happens in spiritual life also. In the beginning you feel that “oh you are going very fast. Life is clean. Lord is in the house ,the whole thing has become peaceful”, but then as soon as the inebrities are gone, then you don’t see any progress. That is how these devotees, they freak out. After Ten years in the temple and then they freak out. In the beginning they are very enthusiastic, because in the beginning, they are feeling that they are progressing. Afterwards they don’t feel but the progress never stops and may be to their surprise after a few years, they are near  their destination. So we have to continue whether we feel or not and that is the sincerity to purpose.

 Because you may not always feel that you are progressing. And you think oh yesterday I read bhagavatam for six hours. I don’t think I am progressing. It’s not that you don’t think. You are already there and much   faster than before, but the beauty of these things is to continue regularly. Prabhupada wrote to one devotee that I guarantee that  you if you don’t read my books for two hours a day, you will fall down and he was very correct. Because we require this polishing of our mind daily and unless we are with the books we are completely lost. That is why he has written so much. He knew that “these rascals, they will not come to the point and they will stop abruptly in between without me” and so he is always present in his books.

Devotee: Maharaj in your answer you stressed the word fixed many times. And A little experience I have seen.  I may be right or wrong. When we don’t actually fix it then we fail to desire to increase and do more things. . We rather have a little bit and do it somehow.  You know the excuses can go on for ever and ever and we never read because we are going to chant and we are never going to chant because we are going to do this thing .. like that so you stressed the word fixed and its very important. 

Maharaj: we have our own eyes. We have so many examples you know. I had a brother you know and unfortunately he passed away when he was 52 years old. A very nice brother. His name was Krishna das you know. 

My father had given that name. Really that name was befitting to him and what happened that he was completely illiterate person. Did not take education at all and because he was not educated   not able to get a job in India you know without education and he was so very in trouble. I used to help him always from the beginning. . When he was a child I took him wherever I went. Looked after him many times. Then it so happened that I had to leave India. So even then I was taking care. Fortunately he was married and he had one daughter and one son. But what happened luckily he got some job in the same place where he was staying but his greatest qualification was that he was unflinchingly attached to Krishna and he was performing all these activities without any knowledge. He didn’t have any knowledge from Prabhupad. He did not know anything but he was unflinchingly attached. Daily he used to get up  at about 4 30 am and go to the river get fresh water from the river, bring and perform all this seva for one or  one and a half hour then read Bhagavad gita then prepare prasadam for the lord offer that prasadam and he used to stand in front of us and he used to feed us that this is prasadam youshould eat and so very nice prasadam he used to prepare and his children also before going to school they used to have nice  hot prasadam daily and he was doing this day in and day out. Every day of the year and he was working very hard because he was not educated. Even then he didn’t complain that he had to work very hard. His wife was not very favorable. Even then he didn’t complain anytime. Never .but he did all these activities but just for doing sake doing those activities  that’s all and the whole attention was  to lord and .   In the evening also whenever he had time   he would just open Bhagavatam and read. He didn’t understand anything but he spent    some stories he will remember. He will recite for the whole day. His life was completely peaceful you know. At the end of the life Vishnu dutas must have come to take him. So he was not bewildered. He knew that the end is coming and he told us that tomorrow is my last day. I am going to Krishna. Please take care of the children. Now children also so big one has one son and daughter. He was very peaceful and without any knowledge. He didn’t read the books. Prabhupada’s books was completely absent that time. It is very recently that it has come. But Without this knowledge he was completely fixed and he was very pure vaishnava. 

With tilak and … he won’t go to work without the tilak. People were laughing at him but he didn’t care. Then he had a shika nice shika. He had hair but he had nice shika with the hair.  

He wouldn’t put all these trousers or bull shirts nice kurta and dhoti. 

Devotee : Maharaj which is that verse in the gita   which says that the path of jnana and the path of bhakti and  karma yoga are the same? 

Maharaj; Third chapter  jnaana yogena saankhya yogena… LOKESMIN DVIVIDHAA NISTHAA PURAA PROKTAA mayaanagha jnaana yogena yoginaam .. jnaana yogena saankhyaanaam karma yogena yoginam third chapter it is 

The meaning is that there are two paths. But they lead to the same destination. 

Devotee: like your brothers path was without knowledge. 

Maharaj : Without knowledge he was following these things. I didn’t know where he got the knowledge and this proves that it is a previous life. You know.  When we pick up the same thread in the next life. That’s why prabhupada has insisted that we should do whatever we can.start in this life.  

We may not be able to complete but that doesn’t mean we will lose it. 

Nehaabhikrama naashosti 

Pratyavaayo na vidyate you know. So we should not worry about other things. Atleast human birth is guaranteed if we start you know. But if you don t start. Then you don’t have any chance. 

This is the one . 

loke ’smin dvi-vidhā niṣṭhā
purā proktā mayānagha
jñāna-yogena sāṅkhyānāṁ
karma-yogena yoginām

so He says that the blessed lord said O sinless Arjuna, I have already explained that there are two classes of men who  realize the self. Some are inclined to understand it by empirical, philosophical speculation, and others  are inclined to know Him by devotional work and then he describes that both are the same. .

But empirical knowledge it goes very difficult whereas the other one karma yoga is very nice. 

Devotee:  so  by devotional work we can know Him. So your brother knew Him by devotional work. . Knowing Him was knowing everything 

Maharaj : ya.. Sarvam eva vijnaanam bhavati. And he was very inclined. Favourably inclined. He didn’t know all these verses.. but the gist of the verses was that and it was from the family you know. Father was very devoted. Mother was devoted. My grandfather in those days he was working for some jeweller in our village and to work for the jeweller was very important that time. And he used to get one rupee per week. ( Maharaj laughs) that time it was very cheap you know. And Time was not fixed. What time you should go and what time you should come. 

TAPE 37B Uma Prathap

And when it is dark in the evening he will come back. It is always like that. These are the living entities, you know. They were very simple, they don’t know what it is. (Maharaj laughs). They know how to be faithful, that is all. If he is not on the doorstep, he will be in the temple. So these are the two places they can find M…He is either on the steps of jeweler or he is on the steps of the temple. Never sat in the house. Such a straight forward people. And we complicate our lives so much. By just creating our dreams, you know, some illusions. Instead of complicating the whole thing, it is far more comfortable to be straight forward. And then you can sleep at least. If you are straight forward in your life, you can sleep very soundly. Always my father was also insisting that “do the job, perform the work so that your sleep should not be disturbed.” They were really very much careless to all other activities. They cared for this more. And that is why I am telling you, that it is not accidentally that you people have come this side and others are not attracted. It is not surprising. Because it is your now time to come to this side. Lord has decided that these living entities should be picked up. And it is the mercy of the Lord. If the Lord is not merciful, even with all this association, we just throw these books. (Maharaj laughs), not care for these books. From years, they lie in our houses and we never opened because we are so very busy under the false notion. It is very difficult, very difficult. Just to sit like this for one hour, is impossible for the ordinary man. Because they are not interested. And if you are not interested then it becomes burden to you. That is how. And we people, fortunately, for hours together, we don’t get tired of this. We keep on reading or writing. I have got only two note books with me, whole Bhagavatam is there, verse by verse. And I didn’t write the elaborate notes. I have just written the points what is there in the verse and what is there in the purport. So when I have time I just take the Bhagavatam and those note books and everything is ready and I just compare and then the whole picture is in front of me. To do that so much time is required. I will show you the dates. Five years nearly. Just to do this. But I was very keen to do that. So that I thought that for the rest of life time, I must have some reference you know. And unless you go through, that is what I am pointing out. That don’t get attracted to these computers and this or that. You must work hard. And if you take recourse of these mechanical systems, you will be in sleep because they will force you to believe that everything, every knowledge is in the computer. And this also many times we commit mistakes. People think that I have the computer, everything is ready here and nothing is here. Unless you work hard, this knowledge is not that cheap, that you just plug through the electric current and it will go in. no, you have to work hard. 

Devotee: Mantra sound vibrations are very powerful.

Maharaj: Very powerful. You just don’t do anything. You just sit beside and that is enough. That is why I insisted that you and Vignesh should learn the whole Bhagavad Gita. He is a boy, he is able to do. 

Devotee: I will do. 

Maharaj: It is very easy. And this ocean of knowledge will always be there, arguments will always be there. 

Hare Krishna. It is 9:30. You carry on your activities, today whatever you want to do. I will just keep myself. I will write those letters. Are you to go anywhere? 

Devotee: It is okay, I am free.

Maharaj: Then you come. So we will finish within one hour or so. And then we can have a look at the town again. That is all. 

Devotee: We can visit some place.

Maharaj: Yes. Somewhere. And you feel free to do whatever activities you have to do. Since so many days we are keeping you..

Devotee: Thank you very much Maharaj.

Jai Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj ki jai. Srila Prabhupad ki jai.

Maharaj: Keep on with your activities. Hare Krishna.

(Previous recording was made on 21st March 1992 at 44, Jalandar ward, Singapore. This was Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj’s last lecture before leaving Singapore on Saturday evening. Hare Krishna.)